Dr Sandy Darab, BA (Hons 1st Class), Ph.D

I wish to commend Maureen McDonald for the brilliant conveyancing work that she did for me recently when selling my family home.   Maureen offers a unique service in that she makes herself available at any time to answer questions.  This was a blessing for me and I really took advantage of her availability when my first buyer changed from being full of praise for my property and very keen to finalise the sale as soon as possible, to requesting rather ludicrous inclusions in the contract.  He did not follow procedure and make these requests via his conveyancer but directly to me which meant that I had to go to Maureen and ask her advice so many times and often after 5pm.

Maureen was patience personified and always gave me sound advice.  After 2 months, when all his queries were addressed to his satisfaction and contracts were ready to be exchanged, he then decided to bargain on the agreed price.  Once again, I rang Maureen at an unsocial hour to see if this type of behaviour was usual and garner her opinion.  I found this process very stressful and without Maureen’s assistance, I would have been lost.  And no, I decided I didn’t want to bargain on the agreed price at this late stage and stopped negotiations.  Ironically, later that same day, I had another person interested in buying the house for a higher price and with Maureen’s guidance, the deposit was paid within 1 week.

I felt very comfortable being able to contact Maureen after 5pm or at the weekend and she always answered my questions in a logical manner, drawing upon her vast array of experience.  She kept me grounded and I was able to keep my dignity when carrying out negotiations with an extremely difficult prospective vendor.  With the second prospective buyer, Maureen facilitated a speedy and positive exchange of contracts that were greatly appreciated by all parties concerned.  Hence, I would have no hesitation in seeking Maureen McDonald’s services in future or in recommending her to you as a conveyancer.  She is the bomb!